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Method Seven specializes in balancing specific light spectrums to provide unparalleled clarity, comfort and safety.

The world of aviation and high altitude travel pose particular challenges. Keeping an eye on the sky while also clearly rendering instrumentation, for example. The dangers of UV and sometimes unavoidably glancing into the sun. We worked with a select group of commercial, fighter and glider pilots to test and help us evolve aviation / altitude specific variations on our patent pending Rendition lens. The resulting glasses offer pilots a unique optical experience in the cockpit.


M7 Sky Aviation Sunglasses

We proudly introduce the first scientifically researched and developed flight glasses for pilots. Our Sky formulated lenses enhance outside and instrument panel visibility under varying flight conditions. Our special non-polarized lens coatings eliminate ultraviolet and near ultraviolet radiation and provide superior eye protection against their long-term effects which are particularly damaging at high altitudes. M7 Sky glasses also do an unusually good job of filtering infrared light (a leading contributor to eye fatigue) and reducing reflection off the inner lens surface for a more relaxing and comfortable experience. Of course none of our Sky lenses are polarized.

M7 Sky Altitude and Ascent glasses use precision mineral glass with rare earth elements. Each frame will be available in three options of varying VLT. The SKY 9™ is our darkest lense and offers a unique experience for pilots frequently challenged with flight routes directly into bright sunlight. Our SKY 18™ is comparable to a standard sunglass in amount of light filtered but provides more contrast specifically for better instrument reading. Though our SKY 30™ filters less light than standard sunglasses, the enhanced contrast and strong filtering of 590nm yellow light provides great all day comfort and is a favorite for older eyes challenged in lower light conditions. See our technology page for more information about our lenses.